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Lax World

Lax World

December 2008

I received a design and cut this up into an XHTML/CSS tableless template. I installed, configured, and customized a backend e-commerce solution using X-Cart. Product and Catalog pages were hand coded with PHP. Also present are some JavaScript solutions using jQuery and several Flash Videos done with FLVs and a MySQL database. I also created a multi-user back-end password protected administrative interface in PHP. Site was also built inside the Zend framework. Done in collaboration with Visionmark Communications. Website has since been redone under another developer.

ClearSounds ClearSounds
Entire Drupal 6 build with E-commerce functionality and jQuery features. Site done in collaboration with Continuum Crew.
XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Drupal, E-commerce

CHB Tech CHB Tech
Wordpress theme and build assistance and ZenCart theme, with a jQuery slideshow.
CSS, PHP, E-Commerce, Wordpress, ZenCart

Laxworld Team Laxworld Team
Website build with XHTML, CSS, PHP, and X-Cart E-commerce, done in collaboration with Visionmark.
XHTML, CSS, PHP, X-Cart, E-commerce, Zend, Javascript, JQuery, Flash, Flash Video, MySQL

Barry's Magic Shop Barry's Magic Shop
Overhaul of, adding new eCommerce solution using ZenCart and PayPal, along with assistance into design, and implementing redesigned template into ZenCart.
XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, E-Commerce, ZenCart, Paypal Integration

Portfolio Preview

A Season Away

XHTML/CSS Tableless templates, and entire build of Drupal backend.