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The Women's Housing Coalition The Women's Housing Coalition
XHTML/CSS Tableless templates, and entire build of Drupal backend for a non-profit.
XHTML, CSS, Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash

Lax World Lax World
Full E-Commerce site built using X-Cart, XHTML/CSS template, PHP/Zend Framework backend, jQuery and Flash Video. Done in collaboration with Visionmark Communications.
XHTML, CSS, PHP, X-Cart, E-commerce, Zend, Javascript, JQuery, Flash, Flash Video, MySQL

Laxworld Team Laxworld Team
Website build with XHTML, CSS, PHP, and X-Cart E-commerce, done in collaboration with Visionmark.
XHTML, CSS, PHP, X-Cart, E-commerce, Zend, Javascript, JQuery, Flash, Flash Video, MySQL

Beach Lender Beach Lender
Website Design, XHTML/CSS build, and Flash animation for this Home Mortgage Company based out of Ocean City, MD.
XHTML, CSS, Design, Flash, PHP

Sierra Design & Build Sierra Design & Build
Programming in CSS/HTML for new website design. PHP and JavaScript utilized for contact form. Also created flash header.
CSS/XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, Flash

Kelly Hahn Photography Kelly Hahn Photography
Sleek new website for Kelly Hahn, Frederick based photogapher. Site coded in XHTML/CSS with ASP contact form as well as development of Flash Header and design of website.
Site coded in XHTML/CSS and flash header developed for this Halloween enthusiast. Website and Flash design done by Salt Shaker Studios

Zoo Map Zoo Map
Interactive and Educational Flash zoo map created for Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, just outside of Frederick, MD.

The Christmas Disaster The Christmas Disaster
A short 'pick your own ending' animation. Fairy Tale and Animation and Interactive Narrative using Macromedia Flash MX. Please note, this project is not meant to promote my skills as a vector artist (believe me).
Flash Animation

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
A flash file Photo Album design with random image retrieval, time based fade-ins, and user controlled animations.

Portfolio Preview

Welcome One Emergency Shelter

XHTML/CSS Template along with Drupal 7 CMS for this shelter. Site done in collaboration with Laun Studios.